Futures AM2 Thermotech Tri Fin Set

Futures AM2 Thermotech Tri Fin Set

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The AM2 Thermotech, designed by Al Merrick of Channel Island Surfboards, is a large sized thruster in the Rake template category. Made in Huntington Beach, the Thermotech product line does not have the traditional plastic feel of a composite fin. Instead, they have a consistent flex that creates drive and release through turns. Thermotech fins come with the Futures Truss Base, making them lighter and stronger.

  • Template Category | Neutral (balanced, all-around)
  • Construction | Thermotech
  • Size | Large (145 – 195 lbs)





Side Fin:
Base: 4.64"
Height: 4.73"
Area: 15.98"²
Foil: Flat

Center Fin:
Base: 4.63"
Height: 4.49"
Area: 15.32"²
Foil: Symm